Tom Hallinan has a broad bipartisan list of endorsements ranging from Democratic State Controller Betty Yee, the state’s chief financial officer - to Nick Bavaro, a former Vice-Chair of the State Republican Party. For this reason, many independent and No Party Preference voters are supporting his common-sense message of reforming the historically corrupt Board of Equalization. 

“As a community college trustee and a city/special district attorney, Tom has demonstrated he is an effective leader dedicated to transparency and ethics. A member of a local assessment appeals board, the county board of equalization, Tom will be instrumental in rebuilding taxpayer trust at the Board of Equalization.” 

-Betty Yee, California State Controller, California’s chief fiscal officer.

“I have worked across partisan political lines with Tom on many important local and state issues. He is a thoughtful and independent thinker who is not afraid to take bold action.”

-Nick Bavaro, Former Vice-Chair, California Republican Party.