None of California’s ‘big shots” even know where Atwater, Ceres, Crows Landing, Grayson, Groveland, Jamestown, Livingston, Newman, Patterson or Twain Harte are...

That’s because the people that matter to us, don’t matter to them.

I know those folks. I represent their “unimportant” communities as their city and special district attorney.

It’s not unlike my 20 years as a Central Valley Community College Trustee... always representing the ignored and forgotten Valley families who feed America.

When I was elected to Chair the California Law Revision Commission, I enjoyed watching the head-scratching LA and Bay Area smarty-pants people trying to figure out who this country bumpkin was and how did he end up in charge.

It’s really simple. I am a Valley man. 5th generation. Grounded in our values - common sense, hard work...and always do what you say you’ll do.

I’m not a slick state legislator, like my opponents.  I don’t know all the tricky words and ways. I do know you, the law, and what’s fair.

The Board of Equalization has been a hot mess for too long.

I will clean out the stalls, till the soil, get rid of the freeloaders, and bring the whole operation closer to us and our values. Won’t be easy. But, so what?

California needs our values - we are tight with a buck, hate being ripped off, and aren’t as stupid as they’d like to think.

On the Board of Equalization, I will make us equal.  I would appreciate your vote.